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Access to ReachNow vehicles on Intel campuses unlocks a sustainable transportation option for Intel employees

Portland, Ore. (May 10, 2018) – ReachNow, the mobility services company from the BMW Group, and Intel today announced a new venture that brings ReachNow’s free-floating car sharing service to Intel’s four campuses in Hillsboro, OR. With dedicated parking spaces near major entrances on each Intel campus, ReachNow’s shared fleet of BMW and MINI vehicles will be easily accessible to nearly 20,000 Intel employees and contractors, to improve mobility options on the west side of the Portland-metro region.

“Portland was one of the first cities in America to embrace car sharing, but large suburban business campuses are often still relatively limited in mobility options,” said Steve Banfield, CEO of ReachNow. “Intel has shown a strong commitment to providing employees and others on their campuses with sustainable, alternative transportation options. We believe that giving Intel employees and suburban residents more options for getting to the places they need to go will reduce traffic congestion. Access to ReachNow cars on an as-needed basis makes commuting by bike, bus, light rail and carpooling on a regular basis more viable.”

“Intel is committed to ensuring employees, customers, and suppliers have safe and reliable transportation options. We encourage a number of alternatives for our employees including biking, walking, carpool, and public transit with access to last mile options. We are excited to now offer ReachNow and hope this new venture will inspire others to follow suit,” said Neil Tunmore, Intel Corporate Vice President and Director of Corporate Services.

“Solving transportation issues takes both the public and private sector working together. When Hillsboro employers provide transportation options for employees, our entire community benefits,” said Don Odermott, City of Hillsboro Transportation Planning Engineer.

ReachNow serves about 40 square miles of the greater Portland area and was the first car sharing and mobility service to reach Portland’s Western suburbs. In November 2017, the company announced that it had expanded to Tektronix’s Beaverton campus and Hillsboro’s award-winning, master-planned community, Orenco Station.

For more information on ReachNow, visit To get on the road today, download the ReachNow app for iPhone from the App Store and for Android on Google Play.

About ReachNow
ReachNow is the mobility service division of the BMW Group. Headquartered in Seattle, ReachNow is developing an ecosystem of mobility services that improve mobility for people living in busy, urban cities using a shared fleet of cars. This ecosystem gives members to access hundreds of BMW and MINI cars on demand whether they want to drive or get a ride. In the future, these services will be accessible through one app, giving the member seamless choice between driving a car, getting a ride or renting a car for multiple days. Today, ReachNow is serving more than 80,000 members in Seattle, Portland and Brooklyn with a fleet of more than 1,300 BMW, BMW i and MINI vehicles. Registration for ReachNow is available through the ReachNow app for iPhone and Android. More information available at