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July 15, 2019
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July 15, 2019

Perfect Auto Image Open House April 6th 2019

On Saturday April 6th, in support of our Chapter’s “Show n’ Shine” event, Perfect Auto Image opened its doors to our members for donuts, coffee, and most importantly, a Show n’ Shine car preparation clinic.

The event gave me an opportunity to properly detail my e46 BMW 323i, a MY2000 in Alpine White. The car had not been properly detailed since I bought it a few years ago.

I washed the car in advance of our guests arriving. This was a great opportunity for me to try two products I had not used before. The first product is brand new from Jescar Products®, called ReactShine® Wheel Cleaner. I am not one to talk of miraculous products, but the results of ReactShine® truly wowed me. This Wheel Cleaner is the best I have ever used!

The second product that I overlooked for years is Sonax Fall Out Cleaner®. Sonax Fall Out Cleaner® enlightened me to how many contaminants are embedded on the bottom half of your car that pre-wax cleaners do not remove. Sonax® Fall Out Cleaner dissolved the built-up metals and road contaminants on the paint, especially behind the wheels, and then rinsed cleanly away.

The paint looked good, but still needed a deep cleaning and nourishment. There was no question where I would turn next…Zymol®. The paint was cleaned with Zymol® HD Cleanse®, a highly effective, non-abrasive, pre-wax cleaner. Some of the attendees helped in the process, learning the application and removal techniques. Once cleaned to perfection, I applied Zymol® Concours Glaze® wax. Zymol Concours Glaze® is a nutrient rich, high carnauba content, glaze wax and imparts a deep, clear shine and natural protection. For the wheels I used Zymol Spray Detailer®, a quick wax. This not only makes the wheels stand out, it adds a layer of protection to keep brake dust from bonding. The tires were treated with Zymol Tyre®, an all-natural, low gloss tire dressing that’s unlike any other I’ve so far come across.

Once the exterior was completed, it was time for the interior to get some love. The leather was cleaned and conditioned with Leatherique® Rejuvenator Oil. This treatment is unique in that it not only penetrates the leather to nourish it, but also lifts contaminants from deep within the leather, to the surface, for removal. The Rejuvenator Oil was followed-up with Leatherique Prestine Clean, to remove any leftover contaminants and tacky residue.

All the interior vinyl and plastic surfaces were cleaned and conditioned with the new Zymol Vinyl cleaner and conditioner, while the wood trim was treated with Zymol Detail® wax. Finally the windows were cleaned with Sonax® glass cleaner.

With the car completed, it was time to let our guests shop. Most attendees took advantage of the event’s 20% discount to buy some of the products used during the demonstrations.

Thank you to all who attended and made it another successful open house.

~Jonathan Bisset