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What is HPDE?

What is a High Performance Driving Education (HPDE) school and why would I want to participate in one? If you are asking yourself this question, you are not alone. An HPDE, a.k.a. “track day”, is an event in which a driver is given the opportunity to explore the limits of their own vehicle on a closed circuit course while under the careful instruction of an experienced instructor. The instructor is there to help you, but will not pressure you into doing anything you are uncomfortable doing. In between driving sessions, classroom sessions are held to explain the driving line, proper techniques on how to take turns faster, some of the common mistakes made, and above all, safety! Each driver will be placed in a run group, which is dependent on skill level and ability. Because an HPDE is a driver’s education program, there are no leaderboards, posted times, or points to constitute it as a race. The object is not to beat the person in front of you, but rather to understand the fastest way around the track and strive to get there. It really is an individual event in which multiple people participate in. To participate in an HPDE, the only requirements include an active BMWCCA membership, a SNELL2015 or newer rated M or SA helmet, and a completed pre-tech inspection (Form 1). You don’t need to have a BMW to participate, although a lot of people are partial to them ;). If this is your first HPDE event, please read Your Day at Driver’s School. These events are a lot of fun and extremely addicting. We hope to see you at one in the near future.

2024 Events

Saturday April 27th Track Day

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If you have any questions about our schools, please contact, between 6:30-9:00pm ONLY, either:

Registration Questions: Patrick Delany 860-794-4935 or cvc-dec@comcast.net

Instructor Questions: Michael Menatian 860-561-1677 or mmenatian@ctvalley.org

Promotional Questions: Dan Polagruto - promotions@ctvalley.org

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Patrick Delany

BMW CCA Connecticut Valley Chapter
Driving Events Coordinator