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F-40 Motorsports Open House

"Chasing Classic Cars"

The Plate of Plates.About 50 chapter members attended the Open House at F-40 Motorsports in Portland on May 2, 2009. It was a nice day and there was a large turnout of fellow sports and classic car enthusiasts from around the area for this annual event - although new to the CVC.

Those lucky to have gotten there early enough or having enough bravado were granted entry into the crowded parking lot for the informal display of cars. I noticed that the area where I parked my 2002 was populated by a mix of what I’ll call “popular” enthusiast cars. The event was held in front of what was once a Volvo dealership which F-40 Motorsports has moved in to.

If one arrived in a “special” car, like a Ferrari Enzo, or perhaps they were a customer of F-40, they too would be invited to display their car with us. However while in the same parking lot, they were parked in front of the F-40 show room. I’ll be the first to agree with the arrangements if I had hosted the event as it was being recorded for an episode for the TV series "Chasing Classic Cars", a TV show shown on Discovery HD Theater.

There were only three cars that I felt I had to photograph. The first one was a Fiat 600 Jolly. Ghia converted these cars in 1958 into wicker seated and fringed surrey topped ones from the standard cars for use along the Mediterranean shore. They were originally made for use by wealthy owners of large yachts. It is believed that fewer than 100 exist today, each one being unique.

The second car was a purple 3 wheeled Davis. You say you never heard of a Davis, well neither did I and probably for a good reason as there were only 13 made. They were manufactured by the Davis Motorcar Company in 1948 in Van Nuys, California. A web search did not indicate that purple was a factory color and that the car maker suffered the same fate as the Tucker Torpedo.

The third and final car was a Sila Bimbo Racer. Never heard of that either? Well it is an electric powered children’s’ car which was capable of reaching 5 mph. From another web search I found that only 1000 were made and one sold at auction in 2007 for $6,325.

Before closing I’d like to thank Jack Jones for getting us in to this event and I’m sure that all of the chapter members who came out had a great time.

By Willy Wiley

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